In the month of December each year, our friends over at The Yogscast run a charity fundraiser for the duration of the month. This year – in case you’ve missed it – we have proudly partnered up with them to bring you a TF2 tournament and help raise money for charity. In celebration of the fundraiser, we have brought you a host of exciting matches to watch, featuring players like Robin Walker, CaptainSparklez, STAR and a bunch of our friends from The Yogscast. We have now collected all matches below, for your convenience! So just scroll down to check them all out.

But wait, there’s more! If you donate more than $5 to the fundraiser, you will receive the unique Heart of Gold for TF2! Just look at it. So shiny and pretty. And we made it just for you!

But wait again, there’s even more! If you donate more than $25, you also receive a bunch of awesome games (yes, including Awesomenauts), so head over to the fundraiser page and check it all out!

Donate to charity, show off your Heart of Gold

Now, on to the videos:

We split our players into four different teams, and we let those teams face each other once. After that, we let the two best teams play for the gold, while the two absolutely-worst-teams-ever got to play for the bronze. You can watch the matches from either team’s point of view, or with match commentary. And oh, keep an eye out for Robin’s completely legitimate Valve privileges (“it’s not cheating if it’s in the game“). Have fun.

Round 1

Team Yogscast vs. Team CaptainSparklez

Team STAR_ vs. Team Nilesy

Round 2

Team Yogscast vs. Team STAR

Team CaptainSparklez vs. Team Nilesy

Round 3

Team Yogscast vs. Team Nilesy

Team CaptainSparklez vs. Team STAR

Bronze Match

Grand Final

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