The time has come to do a short (and late) wrap-up of the fifth mixup match! In case you’ve missed it, all of the match videos have been uploaded and gathered here.

Pyro armbands received by one of our raffle winners.

As you can see there, we’ve also put together a short outtake video showing off Robin’s pro cheating skills. Make sure you check it out, so you know it looks like when a game developer cheats at his own game! But that’s not the only bonus content to pop up during the event: our player and commentator STAR has put up a short behind-the-scenes clip for everyone to behold. So make sure you give that a watch as well! In addition to that, our own video editor Luc uploaded some of his gameplay from the event.


As the event comes to an end, so does our little fundraiser. With the ad revenue from the match videos having been added to the pot by The Yogscast, our total donation amount rises to just over $9000! We want to send a huge ‘thank you’ to all of you who donated, including our raffle winners and The Yogscast. If you still want to contribute, donations will remain open until March 10th. You can find the donation page here.

Pyro poster won by one of our donors.

Having wrapped up this event, it is time for us at TF2mixup to start focusing on the next match. As we progress, we hope to have many exciting news and regular contests to share with you over the coming months, and we will keep you updated on that through Twitter and Facebook! We’ll see you there!

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